September 14 at 16-17 in Vivi Täckholmssalen (Q room /Q211), the NPQ house, Svante Arrhenius väg 20 A, followed by fika/mingle 17-17:30

This talk examines constructions of gender and environment in international development discourse. I discuss real world outcomes of international development policy application and some critiques coming from feminist scholars and development practitioners. In the second part of the talk I present my empirical research on gendered communicative spaces in rural Solomon Islands. The data reveals some reasons why women may be silenced in these contexts as public political actors. It also raises the potential for development actors to create conceptual space for specific women’s ways of meeting and validating women’s meeting styles. These findings have implications for encouraging transformative communicative spaces and formats that allow transcendence of socially embedded power structures in development practice.

A Seminar Series on Gender/Gender Equality and the Natural Sciences by The Gender Academy at Stockholm University.