Monday August 27


9:30-10:00 Welcome [Hörsal 11]


10:00-11:00 Keynote Lecture 1 [Hörsal 11]

Christopher PARTRIDGE, ‘Occulture is Ordinary’

11:30-13:00 Parallel Sessions 1

1.1 Occultural I: Old Media / New Media [Room F413]
- DUGGAN, ‘Chaos and the Zine Scene’
- GREER, ‘”Bob Was a Futurist and I’m a Luddite”’
- KINGSEPP, ‘The Power of the Black Sun’

1.2 Gender & Queer [Room F420]
Chair: BRACH
- HEDENBORG-WHITE, ‘Towards a Theoretical Framework for the Study of Gender and Contemporary Esotericism’
- ROBERTSON, ‘The Self as “Other”: Non-Human Ontologies ’
- BURROUGHS, ‘Meditations on Lesbians Who Meditate on Lesvos’

1.3 Satanism & the Left Hand Path [Room F389]
- PETERSEN, ‘Bracketing Beelzebub’
- FAXNELD,‘Secret Lineages and De Facto Satanists’
- SIEG, ‘Left, Right, and Sinister’

13:00-14:30 Lunch


14:30-15:30 Keynote 2 [Hörsal 11]

Jay JOHNSTON, ‘Productive Trouble: Gender – Esotericism’

16:00-18:00 Parallel Sessions 2

2.1 Occultural II: Popular (oc)culture [Room F413]
- DUCHEMIN, ‘Comics, Cinema, and the Esotericism of Alejandro Jodorowsky’.
- SANTOS SILVA, ‘Jorge Ben Jor and Raul Seixas ’
- KARLSON-WEIMANN, ‘Is Black and Death Metal Esoteric in Itself?’
- WOODMAN, ‘The MiBs and the Migo’.

2.2 EsoPolitics I: The Esoteric Right? [Room F420]
- SENHOLT, ‘Right Wing Heretics’
- HALE, ‘The Branding and Marketing of the New Right in Pagan and Esoteric Communities’
- LINDE, ‘The Occult Roots of Duginism’
- RAMSTEDT, ‘Nationalism and Interest in National Heritage within the Alternative Spiritual Milieu in Finland’

2.3 Psychology, Health, and Alternative Medicine [Room F389]
- MAGUS, ‘Austin Osman Spare and the Conquest of the Imaginal’
- CROWLEY, ‘Embedding the Esoteric in Contemporary Psychotherapy’
- LAUFENBERG, ‘The Metaphysics of Licensure’


Tuesday August 28

9:30-10:30 Keynote 3 [Hörsal 11]

Kocku von STUCKRAD, ‘Rejected Theory in the Study of Esotericism’

11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions 3

3.1 Rejected Theory, Rejected Method? (I): General [Room F413]
Chair: OTTO
- HARRINGTON, ‘The Effects of Developing the Academic Study of Esotericism’
- BARONI, ‘How Italian Scholars Discovered Western Esotericism’
- MARLOW, ‘Interviewing Contemporary Mystics’

3.2 EsoPolitics II: The Esoteric Left? [Room F420]
- BAKKER, ‘The Black Esoteric Milieu’
- GIUDICE, ‘Occupy and Occultism’
- RADERMACHER, ‘The Environmental Movement, Eco-Spirituality, and Consumer Culture’

3.3 East / West / North / South? Global Perspectives [Room F389]
- PODOLECKA-NIEWDANA, ‘South African New Age as a Conglomerate of Western and African Philosophies’
- MONDAL, ‘Esotericism in Sufism and its Impacts on the Bauls of Bengal’

12:30-14:00 Lunch


14:00-15:00 Keynote 4 [Hörsal 11]

Wouter J. HANEGRAAFF, ‘Entheogenic Esotericism’

15:30-17:30 Parallel Sessions 4

4.1 Rejected Theory, Rejected Method? (II): Anthropology of Esotericism [Room F413]
- HEGNER, ‘Hex and the City’
- SUDHÖLTER, ‘The Entheogenic Experience of Dutch Santo Daime Members’
- DUPPILS, ‘Neospiritism’

4.2 Contemporary Milieus [Room F420]
- CHAITOW, ‘Neomythology and Mythopoeia: The Esoteric Landscape of Modern Greece’
- TILTON, ‘Discord and Desecration at Esoteric Glastonbury’
- LIEBERMAN-AVITAL, ‘”Healing by Salt”- Traditional Feminine Magical Practice in a New and Renewing Environment’
- KWANTES, ‘Bnei Baruch vs. “Mainstream” Jewish Religiosity’

4.3 Magics I: Magical Pluralism [Room F389]
- OTTO, ‘Chaos Semantics: “Magical” Meanings in the 20th and 21stCentury’
- HARARI, ‘A Black Demoness, Angels, and a Curse’
- BOGDAN, ‘Kenneth Grant and the Re-Enchantment of the Occult’
- KARLSSON, ‘Modern Grimoires and Talismanic Books’

19:00- Conference Dinner


Wednesday August 29


10:00-11:30 Parallel Sessions 5

5.1 Magics II: Psychologization [Room F413]
- BRACH, ‘Psychic Disciplines: the Magnetizer as Magician’
- BUTLER, ‘Dion Fortune’s Group Mind and the Intersection of Occultism and Psychology’
- BAKARLAZ, ‘The Concepts of the Self in Chaos Magic’

5.2 Initiation & Secrecy: Sociological and Psychological Perspectives [Room F420]
Chair: HALE
- KENNEY, ‘Freemasons Today: Thematic Claims of Life Changes Since Becoming a Mason’
- ROSTAD, ‘Contemporary Fraternalism in Norway as Moral Elitism’
- FUTERMAN, ‘Societies of Silence in an Open Source World’

11:30-13:00 Lunch


13:00-15:00 Roundtable Discussion and Conclusion [Hörsal 11]

Partridge, Johnston, von Stuckrad, and Hanegraaff, are publicly interviewed by Asprem & Granholm, and engaged in a roundtable discussion.

15:00- Extra Programme: Walking Tour of Occult Stockholm, with Dr. Thomas Karlsson


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