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Interested in culture, religion or gender studies? Courses at our department are mostly taught in Swedish and can be followed if you have a good command of Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. But we also have a few courses in English.

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Have you been admitted to a course at our department? In that case you will need to register before the semester starts, or you will lose your right to participate. Here you will find all information you need on how to register.

Exchange Studies at Stockholm University

To study one or two semesters abroad is a wonderful opportunity to experience a new academic environment and way of life as an integral part of your degree.


As a student of Ethnology you will learn about peoples’ everyday lives and world-views in different times and places.

History of Religions

As a student of the history of religions, you will encounter a wide range of religious traditions, both past and present. We provide courses in a variety of empirical fields, such as new religious movements, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese religions, and the religions of pre-Christian Europe.

Gender Studies

As a student of Gender Studies at Stockholm University you will learn about how gender influences human life on an individual as well as on a societal level, and how gender interacts with race/ethnicity, sexuality, class, disability, age, nationality, religion, etc.


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