Name of project
Transforming Shashemene 1965-2000 E.C.
(Official name: Changing Ethiopia: Urban livelihood, gender, and ethnicity in Shashemene after 35 years.)

Project participants
Gunilla Bjerén, Atakilte Beyene

Project duration
January 2008 - December 2011

SIDA, contract no SWE-20072399

Project description
The aim of the project is to study the social, economic and demographic changes of Shashemene between 1973 and 2008, and the meaning of these changes to the inhabitants of the town. I want to use data from my migration study of 1973 as a base-line for the re-study of S., using the fact that the original study was made by random survey methods which makes comparison possible. Methodologically the project will repeat the household survey (including migration histories) of 1973, complemented by detailed life histories of a smaller group of women and men. The new project focuses on the changes in the urban livelihood structure, from 1973 to 2008, and how intersecting aspects of gender, ethnicity, origin and class have contributed to form a new livelihood structure during a period marked by revolutionary changes in Ethiopia.

Web site
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