Among the participants were PhD students from Literature, History, Gender Studies, Stockholm Business School, Child and Youth Studies, History of Ideas, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Human Geography.

Conference participants
Foto: Lena Gemzöe

It was two intense days of sessions consisting of presentations and discussions of current projects. We also took the opportunity to celebrate the first generation of Gender Academy PhDs since the birth of the academy in 2012. The “first generation” was invited as keynote speakers, presenting their dissertations:

  • Elin Abrahamsson – “Mas(s)turbatory Readings: A Queer Analysis of Popular Romance”
  • Åsa Eriksson – ”Resisting feminised precarity. Farm workers in post-strike Western Cape, South Africa”
  • Hilda Jakobsson – ”Jag var kvinna. Flickor, kärlek och sexualitet i Agnes von Krusenstjernas tidiga romaner”
  • Hélène Olsson – “Divine, nothing less than divine!”: Actress Ellen Hartman’s performance on stage and in public life”

The Gender Academy wishes to thank all participants for making the conference such a good experience. Thank you for being so generous and enthusiastic in relation to each other’s projects!

Lena Gemzöe & Ina Hallström

Conference participants
Foto: Ina Hallström