As a queer and feminist scientist working in the field of evolutionary and reproductive biology I’ve been learning to listen to myself when something doesn’t feel right. To trust myself when I notice (and the evidence supports) that research favors investigations into the intricacies of the ejaculate and overlooks the activity and complexity of the female reproductive tract. To follow the possibilities of rethinking the evolution of sexual behavior in a way that can more parsimoniously account for the wide-spread presence of same sex sexual behavior. And to call out the ways research on asexually reproducing animals is constrained within the language and dogma of sex. In these three vignettes of my research and work I hope to share the ways that I have engaged with identifying and countering entrenched biases and assumptions in biology, and the many ways I can still improve.

A Seminar Series on Gender/Gender Equality and the Natural Sciences
The seminar series is partly hosted by different departments in their regular seminar series, therefore times and locations vary. Organiser:

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