A Seminar Series on Gender/Gender Equality and the Natural Sciences

The Gender Academy Stockholm University

12-13 Lecture and coffee/tea combined
13-13:30 Discussion/mingle

Photo: Pixabay

In evolutionary biology, we often study animals, males and females, and provide evolutionary explanations to differences as well as similarities between the sexes. Evolution is an ongoing process and environmental influences, phenotypic plasticity and epigenetic effects are prominent. Thus, we would expect diverse outcomes of selective processes and gene-environment interactions. However, we must ask ourselves: as scientists, do assumptions about gender in our society and culture influence our scientific approaches? Are there examples of gendered assumptions at work in recent evolutionary biology research? If so, what does it look like? Do these views on gender emanate from what are well known patterns of male and female traits, or do our preconceived notions of gender roles feed into our interpretations of these patterns? We think there is a strong need to discuss sex-specific predictions and assumptions, with an aim to embrace natural diversity rather than following, without critical reflection, status-quo views on sex and gender.

Organiser: Malin.Ah-King@gender.su.se