A Constructive Critique of Religion omslag
A Constructive Critique of Religion. Bloomsbury Academic.

Boken är redigerad av Mia Lövheim och Mikael Stenmark och är utgiven av Bloomsbury Academic. Karlsson Mingantis kapitel heter "Framing Religious Criticism in a Secular Cultural and Legal Order: Subsidies to Muslim Youth Organizations".

Ur förlagets beskrivning av boken:

"Why do some strategies for critique of religion seem to be more beneficial for constructive engagement, whereas others increase intolerance, polarization, and conflict?

Through an analysis of the reasons underpinning a critique of religion in institutional contexts of secular democratic societies, A Constructive Critique of Religion explores how constructive interaction and critique can be developed across diverse interests. It shows how social and cultural conditions shaping these institutions enable and structure a critical and constructive engagement across diverging worldviews."