Lisa Folkmarson Käll
Lisa Folkmarson Käll

Det blir totalt tre workshops, den första på Stockholms universitet och de övriga två i Helsingfors, respektive Bergen. Den första workshopen är planerad till våren 2017.

Om workshoparna

The proposal is for 3 2-day workshops exploring the theme ‘Embodied Self, Health & Emerging Technologies’. Each of the specified areas is rapidly developing and requires ethical as well as practical oversight.

1 "Disability & Prosthetics" (May 2017): convened by Dr Lisa Käll at Gender Studies, Stockholm University, explores the newly emerging prosthetic dimensions of disability. New technologies such as exo-skeletons, bionic limbs and neuro-implants have opened up new concerns that extend beyond the notion of rehabilitation and restored functionality.

2 "Digital Health & e-Medicine" (November 2017): convened by Dr Venla Oikkonen at Department of Philosophy, History, Culture & Art Studies, Helsinki University, focuses on self-tracking technologies and e-Medicine. These phenomena throw many challenges concerning data privacy and surveillance; the effects of technological mediation in our lives; the loss of face-to-face clinical encounters; and the place of commercial interests in public health initiatives.

3. "Transplantation" (June 2018): convened by Morten Hillgaard Bülow at the Medical Museum in Copenhagen, focuses on organ and tissue transplantation ranging from established techniques like heart and kidney grafts to new procedures like face, hand and fecal transplants. Such interventions into the body raise serious questions about the boundaries of the self and personal identity, and invoke high degrees of previously unrecognised anxiety in recipients and donors.