Welcome to the online Seminar in Feminist Continental Philosophy in Stockholm on March 12 with Kathryn Sophia Belle (Penn State) on the race/gender analogy and comparisons of oppression in Simone Beauvoir’s The Second Sex.

The talk will be based on her previous research in this field (see, e.g., ”Simone de Beauvoir and the Race/Gender Analogy in The Second Sex Revisited” in A Companion to Simone de Beauvoir, eds. L. Hengehold and N. Bauer (Wiley Blackwell, 2017), pp. 47-58, and “Comparative and Competing Frameworks of Oppression in Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex.” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 35:1–2/2014, attached at the bottom of this page).

Time: 3-4.30 pm (CET)

Location: Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent via the seminar mailing list. If you are not on the list, contact ina.hallstrom@gender.su.se.

In ”The Race/Gender Analogy in The Second Sex: Influences and Critiques” I pay special attention to Beauvoir’s use of the race/gender analogy and consider influences on her use of this analogy.  In addition to identifying several relevant quotes from The Second Sex in which these analogies appear, I also present critical analyses of the race/gender analogy in secondary literature, highlighting critiques presented by Black feminist scholars Deborah King and Patricia Hill Collins, as well as Latina feminist philosopher Stephanie Rivera Berruz.

Kathryn Sophia Belle (formerly known as Kathryn T. Gines), is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. She is the author of Hannah Arendt and the Negro Question(Indiana UP, 2014) and the co-editor (with Donna-Dale L. Marcano and Maria del Guadalupe Davidson) of Convergences: Black Feminism and Continental Philosophy (SUNY, 2010) and a founder of the journal Critical Philosophy of Race. She is the founding director of the Collegium of Black Women Philosophers.

All welcome!

Ulrika Björk (ulrika.bjork@sh.se), Lisa Folkmarson Käll & Ina Hallström

Seminariet i feministisk kontinentalfilosofi i Stockholm (The Seminar in Feminist Continental Philosophy in Stockholm) samarrangeras av genusvetenskap vid Stockholms universitet och filosofi vid Södertörns högskola.

Seminariet startade under våren 2016 och syftar till att utgöra ett forum för feministisk filosofi, främst orienterat mot den kontinentalfilosofiska traditionen. Seminariet hålls fyra gånger per termin, alternerande mellan Stockholms universitet (SU) och Södertörns högskola (SH). Det är öppet för alla intresserade, speciellt studenter, lärare och forskare i filosofi och genusvetenskap.

För mer information kontakta Lisa Folkmarson Käll (lisa.kall@gender.su.se) eller Ina Hallström (ina.hallstrom@gender.su.se) vid Avdelningen för genusvetenskap, Stockholms universitet eller Ulrika Björk (ulrika.bjork@sh.se) vid Filosofiämnet, Södertörns högskola.